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Dabtech Elite Plus

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Why The Elite Plus?
  • 15MM Insert - Largest in the market
  • 3,000 MAH Battery - Biggest battery in the market
  • Indestructible Atomizer Design (we back them for 3 years)
  • Full Temperature Control
  • V2 - Now with USB C Fast Charging and Metal Heating Element & V2 Glass comes stock!

The  Dabtech Elite Plus is an innovative portable  Electric Dab Rig for Concentrates. The Elite Plus Smart Rig gets you started with out-of-the-box temperature control that lets you select the temperature range from 280°F to 800°F within a simple button click. The Elite Plus functions by heating up your choice of Ti, Quartz, or Ceramic bucket within the atomizer chamber, making the experience as close to a traditional dab as possible.

This electric rig is only 10 inches in height and approximately 1.5lb in weight, so it's easy to use and carry wherever you go. Unlike other desktop rigs or electric vape rigs, the Elite Plus uses a 3000MAH internal battery that allows for up to 40 dabs!

Intuitive audio feedback uses sound to establish communication between you and the Elite Plus Vape Rig so that you know what features you’re activating without a second glance. The Elite Plus also provides you with real time temperature feedback, so you always know exact temperatures. 

Cleaning -   1.  Remove the bucket 2. remove the glass, and clean them separately with your product of choice. (we prefer some Iso and soapy water). Make sure to clean bucket thoroughly with Q-TIP and Iso after each use as well. 

Kit Includes:

  • DabTech Elite Plus / 3000MAH Li-Ion Battery
  • 1x DabTech Glass Recycler
  • 1x DabTech Elite Plus Stand
  • 1x Quartz Carb Cap
  • 1x Titanium Bowl
  • 1x Ceramic Bowl
  • 1x Quartz Bowl
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 2x Alcohol Pads
  • 3x Alcohol Sticks

Elite Plus Specifications

  • Manufactured: Dabtech Vaporizers
  • Dimensions: Approx. 10'' in Height
  • Weight: Approx. 2lb (34oz)
  • Temperature Range: From 280F to 800F
  • Vaporizer Compatibility: Concentrates

DabTech offers a Limited 1-year warranty on all our products.The limited warranty on the Elite Plus covers the battery, charger, and all electrical components for one year. The glass is not covered under warranty. The atomizer is subject to warranty up to 6 months from date of purchase. If you have a warranty issue, email us    and we will assess your case.



Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Todd A.

I have a bunch of glass rigs, carta v, duvo and elite plus rigs and the elite is the smoothest pull. Very happy with my dabtech rigs!

Patrick M.
Dabtech is amazing!!!

Just purchased the elite plus dab rig and must say its a great rig an its easy to use. I did have one problem, my recycler was defective but this is where dabtechs customer service shined thru. I reached out to the dabtech team and they came thru. Not only did they reply to me very quickly but they sent out a replacment unit immediately. I am amazed that i recieved such a quick response from the team in a time where alot of customer service is lacking. Do not be hesitant purchasing from this company they are top notch. Thanks dabtech.

Samuel K.
Best dab rig ever

I has ankle surgery a few days ago so my girlfriend got me an early birthday present which was the elite plus. Unfortunately the glass it came with had a manufacturing defect...not a problem because dabtec replaced the glass for free. I also bought the v2 Glass accessory and that shit chugs. No more torches and bangers for me. So many good things to say. Dabtech has amazing customer service. I will definately be looking into other products and accessories.

Gerard B.
Absolutely Amazing

The Elite V2 is a device worthy of its name. It is elite. The design is simple and timeless, and the quality seems way beyond its price.
I've been using it probably a little too often for about a month now and am extremely happy with it. Can't find a downside to it and I highly reccomend you but it.

Bob S.
This is literally saving my life.

I have a late stage adenocarcinoma and am undergoing chemotherapy. Cannabis has been the single best medicine for my side effects - bar none.
- Especially the pain from surgery (not to mention the DVT my chemo gave me two weeks ago) as well as the nausea from chemo. The 5-year odds of my survival jump from around 40% to close to 80% based on my ability to finish all six months of this course of chemotherapy. - But only about half of the people who start, can finish without stopping short or reducing the dosage (reducing odds of survival) - This chemo attacks peripheral nerves and causes permanent and painful damage to nerves in the fingers and toes - BUT - We just discovered that (according to the NIH) cannabis significantly protects against this neuropathy by blocking its access to those nerves with THC and CBD - this is a huge deal.
My throat is also effected by chemo and it is often too painful to smoke (or even vape on my worst days) and edibles just don’t work as well - I’d been coughing and choking my way through as best I could.
Fast forward to this glorious piece of art and tech: I can dab away to my heart’s content without coughing, which is a life saver - literally.
As for this particular device (as opposed to another rig). On the recommendation of my local dispensary, I started dabbing with a utilian 722 I’d been using to vape herb. It works well enough but is still too hot for my throat. This cools it right down - somehow even better than a bong would even though it’s a fraction of the size. It also, somehow, makes the flavors pop like nothing I’ve tried - enjoying every tasty terpene like a glass of wine that develop, bouquet and finish with each draw. It’s really remarkable how amazing my extracts taste with this device.
I dab cold to hot with my live resin in the bowl before I turn it on and simply start toking the second I double tap the button to heat it up. What follows is the single most amazing flavor experience I’ve ever had with cannabis that develops into a blast of thc at the end to help me feel like a normal person again for a little while (as well as to protect my peripheral nerves against the chemo) - for everyone else - pleasantly baked. I don’t even cough! (and I often cough just from taking a deep breath of air - so this is a big statement). In fact, my throat feels so great afterward - that it even helps me drink water (that normally hurts to swallow / going down). I know, bummer of a story, but this thing is giving it a happy ending...
I can - because of this device - have access to the medicine that is going to make it possible to survive my full course of chemo and have good chance at a much longer life with my wife two young kids. Not to mention, enjoy some amazing flavors and get nicely stoney.
As for the feel of the device, it has a nice feel in the hand and feels solid well built look and feel. Parts that join together fit perfectly and it looks like art on my shelf with that cool, twisty recirculator.
There is no way for me to properly describe how important this device has become to myself and my family. I fully intend on buying several other rigs from Dabtech, as I’ve not been so positively effected by a product or the service of those who’ve crafted it in my life. They could wrap up a turd place it in a box, and charge 300 bucks for it, and I’d happily buy it - such is my love for this company and it’s people.

Which, finally brings me to customer service: my unit arrived with damage from the infamous Philly USPS which caused the recirculator to crack. I emailed support and they immediately sent me out another one with absolutely zero hassle. - Good people who stand behind their product and their customers.
You might not be in my shoes. You might just want to try something new or to enjoy some tasty extracts with your buddies. No matter what. If you enjoy cannabis and would like to enhance your experience of it regardless of whether it’s for pleasure or medicine. You cannot possibly go wrong with this device.
Buy it. Buy stuff from this company. Their product is as good or better than anything you are going to find out there - and they are good people who whole heartedly believe in their product. The love for their craft is plainly evident in their design, construction and even their packaging. Get it. It’s worth every penny.

Note: I’d recommend also getting their somewhat sturdier v2 recirculator. It’s not as pretty as the one that comes with the unit - but as beautiful as it is, it is also somewhat delicate and it wouldn’t take much of a fall for it to break or crack. The v2 is a bit sturdier. Both recirculators seem to provide the same quality of cooling and - I think -are roughly the same weight. (if the original is a little more fun to look at - like those twisty straws they give to kids at family restaurants). It comes with a nice silicone base to help it stay balanced on a table while you load it, clean it, display it, etc....

Cole M.
Best purchase I’ve made in a long time

Such a dope rig, easy to use and saves me so much on extracts.

perry s.
elite plus

i like the elite plus
does a nice job
only gripe: the glass is shaped odd and is cumbersome to take off and store while loading buckets
and after 10 days, the odd shaped glass is now basically falling off and needs to be held on while using
guess i’ll replace those rubber gaskets you supplied
thanks again solid product
gonna try upgrading glass

Kylee A.

Awesome function

Chase C.
Art Deco Excellence

From the design to the function, this piece of tech suited almost all my needs as a gram a day dabber. The temperature control is spot on, nail temperature ramps up to 560°f (my favorite temp,) in seconds. The simple buttons were easy to figure out and remember. My only issues were the fit of the glass on glass connection, [I would apply a thin layer of translucent silicone to the underside of the carb cap.] and the beeps. As a migraine patient I am sensitive to noise, so I have to use my quieter bulky rig. :( Maybe instead of the signal generator chip, an addressable led strip could communicate softly through a thin polyurethane semi translucent ring around the base or underneath the coil terminal.

Overall, this is one of my favorite dab rigs and I've been recommending it to friends, strangers, and my local cannabis store employees. If I saw more dabtech products I was in love with I would be willing to promote them alongside my dab tool start-up.

Samuel J.
Favorite rig I have used thus far!

Highly recommend this product. It hits incredibly smooth, from low to high. That being said it can be very aggressive. The heat up time is about 6 to 20 seconds depending on which banger you go with and how high of a temp. I personally prefer quartz, but I feel that the ceramic and titanium are great products too.

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