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Great Investment

This thing rips. The triple coil atomizer gives great clouds and the titanium one gives great mix of taste with a good cloud. Haven't used the ceramic bowl. Strongly recommend this device, beats using a torch for sure!

Aaron H.

Purchased: DabTech Duvo

Absolutely Amazing

The Elite V2 is a device worthy of its name. It is elite. The design is simple and timeless, and the quality seems way beyond its price. 
I've been using it probably a little too often for about a month now and am extremely happy with it. Can't find a downside to it and I highly reccomend you but it.

Gerard B.

Purchased: DabTech Elite Plus

Best Dabbing Device

It’s great for every situation and I love that I can take dabs out of any piece with it. Every since I bought it my puffco has been collecting dust.

Yaakov B.

Purchased: DabTech Trio

Our Hottest Seller - Dabtech Trio


Oct 27, 2021

Dabtech Trio vs GPen Connect - The Top Differences You Need to Know

When you begin exploring the world of dab vaporizers, one brand tends to come to mind. That being G Pen, and their latest G Pen Connect vaporizer for dabs. But, G Pen isn’t the only brand on the market today dropping quality electronic dab pens. In fact, Dabtech is an up-and-coming manufacturer you need to know. 

Oct 27, 2021

The Top Tips On How to Choose the Best Dab Rig For You

Let’s be honest - one of the biggest investments you’ll make to level up dabbing routines is a premium dab rig. Especially considering your dab rig setup will be treating you to smooth, top-shelf concentrates you’re investing in as well. Find out the top tips to choose which electronic dab rig is right for you, here.
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