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DabTech Daborizer

DabTech Daborizer:  The easiest & quickest way to dab on the go!

The Daborizer is as simple as pushing the power button to heat the ceramic or quartz tip to the perfect wax melting temperature, to start dabbing in a split second wherever you may be. The glass acts as a water filter for a smooth experience & did we mention, its spill proof!   

DabTech offers a 1-year warranty on all our products.The warranty on the Daborizer covers the battery, charger, and all electrical components for one year. The glass is not covered under warranty. If you have a warranty issue, email us 
and we will assess your case.

Daborizer Features

- Quartz or ceramic tip
- Replaceable Tip Atomizer
- Spill proof Water bubbler
- Protective storage case
- Dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap
- Micro-USB rechargeable battery
- Easy clean & storage

What's In The Kit?

DabTech Daborizer Unit
Protective Case
Quartz Tip
Ceramic Tip
Tip Cover
Spill Proof Glass
Cleaner Tool
Silicone Concentrate Container
USB Charger 


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