DabTech Daborizer DabTech Daborizer

DabTech Daborizer

DabTech Daborizer

Dab on the go, anytime anywhere thanks to the versatility of the Dabtech Daborizer. Just push the power button, let the ceramic or quartz tip heat up to your preferred temperature, and you’re good to go. The built-in glass works like a water filter for a smooth experience that’s spill-proof too! With the Daborizer, you get it all, great clouds, great flavor, no waste, and no torch!

But we didn’t stop there with this flexible unit. It also comes with a replaceable tip atomizer and a dual-purpose cap/mouthpiece, as well as a micro USB rechargeable battery. The Daborizer is our most portable unit ever, as well as one of our most popular. And when you try it for yourself, from the very first moment, you’ll understand why! Every rig we build and design is crafted to the highest quality standards and backed by a limited 1-year warranty.
  • Tiny Yet Mighty - Easy to hold and carry along with you wherever you go!
  • Powerfully Portable -The ultimate portable dabbing rig. A great option for travelers and those on the go!
  • Push-Button Simple -No complicated setup, just push the button, wait a minute, and you’re good to go.
  • Satisfyingly Smooth -The perfect balance of simplicity and style in one compact unit

Daborizer Features

  • Quartz or ceramic tip
  • Replaceable Tip Atomizer
  • Spill proof Water bubbler
  • Protective storage case
  • Dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap
  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery
  • Easy clean & storage

What's In The Kit?

  • DabTech Daborizer Unit
  • Protective Case
  • Quartz Tip
  • Ceramic Tip
  • Tip Cover
  • Spill Proof Glass
  • Cleaner Tool
  • Silicone Concentrate
  • USB Charger

DabTech offers a 1-year warranty on all our products.The warranty on the Daborizer covers the battery, charger, and all electrical components for one year. The glass is not covered under warranty. If you have a warranty issue, email us 
and we will assess your case.


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Love this setup

Works perfectly and always give great big clouds of vapor. Love it.

Nancy C.
Great piece

Excellent product

Casey R.

Love it, shared it with my dad now had to order him one.

Michael O.

Good product just make sure you bye eacher heads mine went with in the frist 2 weeks other then that I really enjoy not haven to use a torch!!!!

Lower heat needed

Compared to other similar units I own, and some way cheaper, this one is hot! Pulverizes everything including flavor. Use is simple. Shape is a little odd in the hand, would feel better if it was more round or oblong vs square. Glass is a great addition, but you do need to keep water level super low to keep it out of your mouth. And because the water is so low you have to hit it almost vertically or you bypass the water all together.

Overall it’s still a great unit and the case is awesome! It will go into rotation as a travel piece probably.

Kyle S.
💯% approve ✅

Not gonna lie, I dropped it within the first week of buying it, broke the glass neck, and the tip, replacement glass and tip (discounted) came a week later, and I’m back like I never left! I 200% recommend!!!! I’m waiting on the duvo to arrive now! DabTech ftw

stanley b.
Great product

So easy to use

Best Electric wax smoking device i own!

The best and the easisest electric dab tool ive ever used had it for a month now and cant be happier even has decreased the amount of dab i go through and the lack of butane makes the taste so much more enjoyable!

Heats up quick, big rips

Like this thing, great option to a pen. Not sure on the water level. I sip water all the time. Need to dial in taste is a bit off at the beginning.

Brian C.
Worth It!!

My first time using and was not disappointed. The mailman threw my package down at my door. Either he hates me or it’s just a Philly thing. Anyway, the case totally works! Nothing broken. Great product and easy to use.

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