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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is DabTech Located?

How Do I Clean My Devices?

Will you replace my glass if it comes broken?

Are these for e-liquids or nicotine?

Can I use the DabTech for dry herb?

Is it necessary to register my device?

Why was my card charged if I did not receive an order confirmation?

My card was charged multiple times. What do I do?

How will I know you've received my order and when will you charge my credit card?

Can I change items in an existing order?

Is warranty valid on Amazon & Ebay purchases?



How do I clean the atomizers?

Is the Duvo or it's parts covered under warranty?

What heat settings does the Duvo have?

How do I turn the Duvo on/off?

Elite Plus

What is the Elite Plus used for?

Do I need to charge my unit after every use?

What type of battery does the Elite Plus have?

What is the best way to clean my Elite plus and all its parts?

What are the main specs and details of the Elite plus?

Does my device have a warranty? If so, what does it cover and how long?

What do I do if the unit does not heat up?

Elite Pro

What is the Elite Pro used for?

Whats the best way to charge the Elite Pro?

How do I change temperature settings & how hot does the nail get?

Is there a special way to remove my nail from my Elite Pro?

How do I remove the heating element?

How many dabs can Elite Pro from a full battery?

How Do I Get Water Out Of The Spill Proof Glass?

How often do I need to replace the nails?

My glass does not fit?

How do i know its ready to charge?

What Does The Warranty Cover?

What Is Not Covered By Warranty?

How Do I Service My Elite Pro?

Who Pays Shipping For A Repair?

How long do repairs usually take?


Does the Daborizer have a warranty and what does it cover?

What is the Daborizer used for?

How to charge the Daborizer?

Does the Daborizer have heat settings?

How do I turn the Daborizer on and off?

How Do I Change the tips on the Daborizer?

How do I clean the Daborizer?

Can I use my own battery?

Focus V Carta Smart Rig

How Do I Install the App For IOS?

How Do I Make A Warranty Claim Or Get My Carta Serviced?

What Can My Warranty Offer Me If My Carta Malfunctions?

Shipping & Returns

How long does shipping take?

Will my packaging be discreet?

What do I do if my parcel is lost?

Do You Ship To P.O. Box Addresses?

Do You Ship Internationally?

What is the return policy?

Why was I charged custom fees?

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