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Dabtech Trio

THE TRIO: Your 3-in-1 Solution to all things Dabbing!

The  Trio  3-in-1 Vaporizer is here to change the game

1. Connect it to the joint of any glass-on-glass water piece, and give it just 5 seconds of activation to enjoy dabs that are filtered to the specific taste of your favorite flavor, without the hassle of a torch or exposed nail. (Simply remove the cap from the tank, place your dab into the ceramic bowl and replace the cap to smoke).

2. Connect a 510 threaded concentrate cartridge and use the battery to turn it into your favorite cannabis cartridge.

3. Smoke the wax directly using the device as a dab straw with water filtration for a smooth experience.

The 3-in-1 device does the whole trinity, and does it well. It's a vaporizer that will make your sessions adaptable, ensuring there is always something new to look forward to with every hit.   

Designed with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode, the Trio tailors to each user’s preferences while accommodating a wide variety of concentrates. The Trio is packed with 850 MAH of power and uses an easy magnetic connection for quick and effortless setup. The small but mighty device is capable of driving several sessions so you don't ever have to worry about downtime.

Although perfect for at home use, each unit comes with a protective box that is easy to travel with and extremely lightweight!


The Trio Features

- 3 Utilities - Nectar Collector, 510 Cartridges, E-Nail for Bongs
- 510 threaded 850MAH battery
- 3 Heat settings – with manual extend mode
-Ultimate portability and ease of use
- Spill proof Water bubbler
- Easy cleaning & storage

What's In The Kit?
DabTech Trio Unit
Dabtech Trio Tank
Dabtech Trio Connect Housing
Dabtech Trio Male Glass Adapter
Charging Cable
Spill Proof Glass
Quartz Tip – Nectar Collector
Micro USB Charger

DabTech offers a 1-year warranty on all our products.The warranty on the Daborizer covers the battery, charger, and all electrical components for one year. The glass is not covered under warranty. If you have a warranty issue, email us  and we will assess your case.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Was really skeptical but pleasantly surprised

Thought this would be a dud and was too good to be true. But after two weeks of owning this and having used all three modes HEAVILY, I would really recommend this to someone that is tired of using a banger but doesn't have puffco peak money

Great little piece!

The Dabtech Trio is a perfect 3-in-1 piece. 510 thread cartridges fit perfect and works as expected. The nail/glass attachment takes some trial and error, but it seems to do the job. The dab straw/nectar collector heats up quickly and works great. 3 variable heat settings. Battery last for while quite a while. Easy and simple to use and put together.


This thing rips off the bong and it's so easy to take around - my friends love this thing as well because we don't waste so much concentrate and this thing gets us SUPER HIGH! Great battery capacity and I like to throw on the 510's when I am going out. The battery lasts forever for the cartridges, so I never have to worry.

I accidently dropped the unit and broke the dab straw tip - Dabtech sent me a new one for being a first time buyer - First impressions - love this company - TY!

This thing is awesome

for $125 (with my discount) - I got a rig that fits my bong, that also is a dab straw and compatible with 510 cartridges. ALSO - I have customizable heat settings for all those options as well which is awesome. I love how I can use this on manual mode with the bong too - I can take a hit as long as I need or as short as I need.

This thing has been holding up amazing as well - it's been about 46 sessions so far - not one issue. I would say with heat settings and the multi-use function, this thing really outperforms the competitors. Bravo dabtech.

Too good too be true

This is my second Dabtech device
The first one was the Duvo. When I heard about the trio I was excited to try something brand new. Took some learning. What an amazing device so far. Silent and smooth but deadly.

R&D Prototype Tester

This unit lets me use the cartridge while I am driving, the bong while I am at home, and the nectar collector when I am on a trip and don't feel like pulling the bong out.

It hit's amazingly hard - If you have it at the highest heat setting and hit the nectar collector - it will hit harder than a bong hit.

battery lasts long and only takes me an hour to charge.

With a growing market like we have today, I am glad to see Dabtech still innovating.