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The Duvo X vs. The Focus Carta 2

Both the Duvo X and the Focus Carta 2 offer innovative solutions to our dabbing needs, delivering user-friendly, high-tech, and ultra-reliable vaporizers that eliminate the need for a torch, while keeping messes and waste at bay. Because these two vaporizers are so commonly compared to one another, we’re going to lay out all of their similarities and differences, to help you decide which one is going to best take your dabbing game to the next level.

The Duvo X
The Duvo X combines streamlined design with the most advanced features the dabbing hardware market has to offer. Equipped with an innovative and industry-first, 3D rebuildable atomizer, you’re able to heat up the entire dish to avoid any wasted wax. You can also repair your atomizer with DabTech's 3D atomizer replacement pieces which save you from buying a completely new rig! With four temperature presets, you can explore a wide range of heating levels with the press of a single button. The vaping surface is made from high-polish ceramic, offering even heating and superior flavor.

The Duvo X offers a bubbler function, and is powered by a 3150mAh battery. It utilizes vortex airflow technology via an aluminum spinner carp cap, to ensure the perfect draw time and time again. Always reaching the perfect temperature, it heats up in 15-30 seconds, and uses rapid-charging to minimize downtime. The temperature ranges from 280-800 degrees Fahrenheit, offering one of the widest temp ranges on today’s hardware market.

Product Overview:

  • Battery: 3150mAh battery pack
  • Temperature: 280-800 degrees
  • Atomizer: 360-degree all-around heat
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Bottom Line
The Duvo X offers a user-friendly, travel-friendly option at a phenomenal price, with impressive battery power, temperature options, and advanced features, all while being extremely affordable. The 3D atomizer is also the distinguishable feature when comparing it to other big brand vaporizers. 

The Focus V Carta 2
The Focus V Carta 2, like the Duvo X, uses 3D atomizer technology to prevent unwanted waste while you dab. The difference is that it is not rebuildable and needs to be repurchased completely ($70) for you to replace it. Its output ranges from 365 to 635 degrees Fahrenheit, and utilizes two external 18650 batteries. Ergonomically designed, like the Duvo X, it offers RGB-LEDs that can be customized to deliver a light show while the device is in operation, along with the ability to communicate with other devices.

Rather than using a single-button interface like the Duvo X, it features three buttons that allow you to adjust temperature and other options, along with a display screen that reads you your dabbing stats and displays your settings using LED technology.

The Focus V Carta 2 features Intelli-Core™ atomizer technology, arriving with both an herb atomizer and an oil atomizer, to allow you to change between different types of concentrates easily.

Product Overview:

  • Battery: 2 external 18650 batteries
  • Temperature: 365-635 degrees
  • Atomizer: Intelli-Core™ 360-degree (all-around heat) herb and oil atomizers 
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $304.99

The Bottom Line
The Focus V Carta 2 is notably pricier than the Duvo X, and features a multi-button interface paired with an LED display screen, with customizable light/color options. It has a smaller temperature range than the Duvo X, while featuring similar atomizer technology. In terms of its battery setup, it requires a bit more maintenance, as does overall cleaning due to its different design and build.

The Perfect Alternative

DabTech Duvo X vs. Focus V Carta 2

Duvo X

Focus V Carta 2




Temperature Range

280°F - 800°F

365°F – 635°F

Atomizer Type & Price

360° All Around Heat - $35

360° All Around Heat - $70


3150mah Li-Ion Battery Pack

Two (2) 18350 Batteries




Which Vaporizer is for You?
The Duvo X offers premium dabbing technology, a larger range of temperature output, and a more user-friendly and travel-friendly design, all while being the more affordable option of the two. It’s clear that both of these vaporizers have a lot to offer, and rely on the most advanced dabbing technology that exists on today’s market. However, considering the advantages of the Duvo X paired with its lower price tag, we feel that it’s the better choice for the majority of today’s dab enthusiasts.

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