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Dabtech Duvo X

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The Duvo X takes concentrate consumption to a whole new level. After continuous feedback through rigorous development, we built something that will provide the highest quality concentrate consumption in the industry.

Why the Duvo X?

Out the box, our unit comes with industry first fully rebuildable 3D atomizer technology.

Pair that with a new full stainless steel carb cap tube, vortex spinner carb cap, our new “unbreakable” aluminum carb cap, and you have a top-notch indestructible, rebuildable vaporizer.

DabTech offers a 1-year warranty on all our products. The warranty on the Dabtech Duvo covers the battery, charger, and all electrical components for one year. The glass, buckets and atomizers are not covered under the same warranty. If you have a warranty issue, email us and we will assess your case.

Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X
Dabtech Duvo X

Dabtech Duvo X


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Pair that with a new full stainless steel carb cap tube, vortex spinner carb cap, our new “unbreakable” aluminum carb cap, and you have a top-notch indestructible, rebuildable vaporizer.

  • Borosilicate Glass Bubbler
  • Stainless Steel Carb Cap Tube
  • Four Heat Settings
  • 3150mah Li-Ion Battery Pack

Guarantee Save & Checkout

DabTech Duvo X Benefits

Fast Charging

The Duvo X's battery can be recharged quicker than most e-rigs to help you get back to dabbing instead of waiting.

Ultra Fast Heat Up Time

Depending on how hot you set the temperature, our heat up times range anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds.

Rebuildable 3D Atomizer

The only E-rig in our industry that comes stocked  with a 3D rebuildable atomizer that heats the whole dish instead of just the bottom. Enjoy dabbing all your concentrate in just one rip!

1-Year American Warranty

Our 1-Year American warranty comes standard in all our products including the Duvo X, but feel free to reach out with any issues and our support team will help!

Less Scrape & More Vape

With most concentrate vapes and rigs in general, they use atomizers that only heat up at the bottom of the dish, leaving streaks of concentrate on the side of the walls. 

Not only does Duvo X's 3D Rebuildable Atomizer come wide enough to pack it heavy, but it also heats up all sides of the dish in order to get the most out of your dabs without wasting any of it.

Rebuild & Replace For Less

DabTech's mission is always to provide the best quality and technology behind our e-rigs, without overcharging. We believe it's possible to provide industry leading rigs while keeping them affordable for our customers.

That's why we made our 3D Atomizer rebuildable so that you don't need to repurchase your favorite rig. Simply find your desired replacement part at our store and save hundreds as you maintenance your Duvo X.

How It Works

Pack It

Our 3D Atomizer's dish comes wide enough to pack even the biggest dabs.

Heat It

Select amongst four (4) different heating temperatures by double tapping the power button to toggle your preferred temp.

Dab It

Your Duvo X will vibrate once it's reached the desired temperature letting you know it's ready to dab.

What's In The Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
oscar C.
It's awesome best 200 I've ever spent

It's really awesome well worth was hesitant at first but we'll worth it

Fantastic, huge upgrade over Elite Pro

Don't pay Puffco's crazy prices, get this instead. Puffco's 3D atty is nearly as much as this entire unit costs and this includes their own version of the 3D atty. The only downside of the Duvo X that I've found, is the fact that there is no battery life indicator and no pass-thru charging, so you can't use it while it's plugged in. But, over time you'll learn how much battery you use and when you need to charge it, so not a big deal. Everything else is great. The lowest setting is really good for low temp, flavorful dabs.. Next setting up adds more vapor density without losing too much flavor. Haven't tried anything above that as I don't see any point, it's perfect on the lowest 2 settings. The Duvo does require a bit of cleaning around the atty every other day or so, depending how much you use it. Just be sure to keep up with cleaning and it'll be good for a long time.

Jeremiah T.
Awesome Device

I got this on 4/20 Special and it works just as good as my friends Puffco for half the price

William M.
Dabtech Duvo X

I have been buying almost every kind of erig on the market and this is the first one to actually feel like your taking a proper dab. Temps are great you can always find one that works for you and its super easy to clean and use.

Brian D.
Is dab like a pro

Dab Tech is one of the best products on the market . I purchase three Devices from debtech. The last one I purchased was for my girlfriend she loves it.

Ben k.

Dabtech Duvo X

Great rig great service

The rig itself is fantastic. I use it for convenience and when traveling. Recently had an issue with an atomizer and their team helped quickly resolve the problem. 10/10

Kenneth W.
Duvo X is a great rig

First I would like to commend the support team for addressing an issue I had with a different model and getting the duvo X to me as an upgrade to meet my needs. Much appreciated.

I've found that this device is both easy to use and easy to clean. The functionality of it is great as well, allowing you to get a full bodied dab with any concentrate type. The case it comes in makes it happily portable.

Christopher J.F.
Full ceramic bowl 👌

I purchased this as an upgrade to the original duvo, it's a solid upgrade, the full ceramic bowl is amazing.

Quality,flavor, and dependability

I must say I have a lot of different e-rigs. And the Duvo x hands down will run with the best of em. And the one thing that’s really nice about the Duvo x is the atomizer. It’s rebuildable and the bucket heats up every where the bottom and the sides heat up and to do a good deal clean on it. I just pop it out of the Duvo x and pop it into a box mod and run about 30 watts and fire it foe a minute or so will come out pure white again. I have many rigs easily costing double this that don’t do half of what the Duvo x can do.

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