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Dabtech Duvo X

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The Duvo X takes concentrate consumption to a whole new level. After continuous feedback through rigorous development, we built something that will provide the highest quality concentrate consumption in the industry.

Why the Duvo X?

Out the box, our unit comes with industry first fully rebuildable 3D atomizer technology.

Pair that with a new full stainless steel carb cap tube, vortex spinner carb cap, our new “unbreakable” aluminum carb cap, and you have a top-notch indestructible, rebuildable vaporizer.

One Button Functionality - for ease of use

Fully Heated High-Polish Ceramic -vaping surface – elements inside base and walls of heater

Rebuildable Atomizer

Vortex Airflow – aluminum spinner carb cap with carb cap tether

Borosilicate Glass Bubbler

Stainless Steel Carb Cap Tube

Four Heat Settings

3150mah Li-Ion Battery Pack

1X Duvo X Dab Rig

1X Glass Mouthpiece Bubbler

1X Aluminum Spinner Carb Cap

1X Carb Cap Tether (black)

1X Silicone Base Cover/Sleeve (black)

1X Atomizer with 3D Automizer installed

1X Dab Tool 

4X Spare Atomizer Screws

1X Screwdriver

2 x Spare Carb Cap Tube O-rings

1 x Wall Plug

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

5X Cotton Buds/Q-tips

2X Alcohol Wipes

1X Carry Case

Manufactured: Dabtech Vaporizers

Dimensions: Approx. 10'' in Height

Weight: Approx. 2lb (34oz)

Temperature Range: From 280F to 800F

Vaporizer Compatibility: Concentrates

1. Use a cotton swab to clean heater after each session.

2. Use an ISO soaked cotton swab to clean the duo base and air pathway after a few sessions as well.

3. Use an alcohol wipe to wipe around the base of the glass.

4. Fill bubbler with hot water and shake to remove residue. Soak the bubbler in ISO to fully clean. Rinse with warm water thoroughly after soaking.

DabTech offers a 1-year warranty on all our products. The warranty on the Dabtech Duvo X covers the battery, charger, and all electrical components for one year. The glass, buckets and atomizers are not covered under the same warranty. If you have a warranty issue, email us and we will assess your case.

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