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Elite Plus Titanium Bucket

The Elite Plus Bucket's are a perfect solution for those seeking higher vapor production and more durability! The Titanium Buckets are virtually unbreakable, so they make great travel companions. The Titanium buckets don't heat up as quickly as the Quartz, but they conduct heat very efficiently. When brought up to temperature, these buckets provide the most vapor production along with precision-crafted from high quality titanium. They feature a simple design to make using them easy even for beginner dabbers.

  • Easy Loading
  • High Quality Titanium Construction
  • Great Heat Retention
  • Excellent Vapor Production

Includes 1 Titanium Elite Plus Bucket

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David D.

It works awesome!! Maybe I missed something because it doesn't look like the one I already had. So I thought it was a newer version. Then when I got it, it was the same thing. Don't really care because it works so good. I need a new quartz bucket but have yet to see one available

Alexis J.
Awesome Awesome Awesome


Justin K.

I use the Titanium and run through one heat cycle, turn it off after 30 seconds, then turn it back on and load my dabs. THING RIPS!