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Carta - Smart Dab Rig


The  Carta V2 is an innovative portable   Electric Dab Rig  for Concentrates. The Carta Smart  Rig gets you started with 4 out-of-the-box manual presets that run the  temperature range of 600°F to 940°F within a simple button click, but you can download the app to further customize your temperature settings. Carta functions by heating up your choice of Ti or Quartz bucket within the atomizer chamber, making the experience as close to a traditional dab as possible.

This electric rig is only 8 inches in height and approximately 1lb in weight, so it's easy to use and carry wherever you go.  Unlike other desktop rigs or electric vape rigs, the Carta uses a removable battery, so if you have 2 batteries, you can replace them anytime you want. 

Intuitive haptic feedback uses sound to establish communication between you and the Carta Vape Rig so that you know what features you’re activating without a second glance. The vaping comes easily, allowing you to focus on other matters.

Housed in rugged borosilicate glassware that allows for optimum flavor, the battery-powered Carta Smart Rig finally gives us the portable desktop rig that we always wanted.



- Portable Electric Dab Rig
- 4 Preset Temps Ranging From 600* to 940* Degrees F
- 2 in 1 Electronic Vaporizer 
- Removable Dual 18350 Batteries
- Herb Attachments (Dry Herb Chamber is not Included)
- Single Button Operation
- Haptic Feedback (Vibrates when temperature is reached)
- Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece 
- Bluetooth App To Control Temperature
- USB-C Charging Ports 

    Kit Includes:

    1 x Carta Dab Rig w/ Removable Rechargeable 18350 batteries
    1 x Glass Mouthpiece Bubbler
    1 x Wax/Oil Atomizer Chamber
    1 x Quartz Bucket
    1 x Titanium Bucket
    1 x Borosilicate Glass Carb Cap
    1 x USB-C Charging Cable
    1 x Carrying Case
    1 x Cleaning Kit

    Sizing Comparison

    First Carta Review Video Below!

    The Carta Can Last Up To 30 Dabs!


    Dab Within Just 4 Steps!

    1. 5 Clicks to Turn On/OFF
    2. 1 Click to Change Temperature Settings
    3. 1 Click to Reactivate Heating from Standby
    4. 1 Click to Activate Temperature Selection (In Activation mode, holding down the button will cancel the heat up but keep the unit in Standby Mode)


    Low Temp - 500F / 260C
    Mid Temp - 630F / 332C
    High Temp - 770F / 410C
    Very Hi Temp - 842F / 450C


    Blinking White - Start-Up
    Blinking Blue - Heating Up
    Solid Green - Ready to Use
    Blinking Red - Low Battery


    1 Solid Red Light - 25%
    2 Sold Red Light - 50%
    3 Solid Red Light - 75%
    4 Solid Red Light - 100%

    Official App Comes With Every Unit

    *All Models Will Be Eligible To Use*


    Manufactured:  Focus Vapes
     Approx. 8'' in Height
    Weight: Approx. 1lb (17oz)
    Temperature Range:  From 600F to 940F 
    Vaporizer Compatibility:  Concentrates / Dry Herbs


     3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty / Limited 1 month warranty on Atomizer

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