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How To Choose the Right DabTech Rig - Everything You Need To Know

How To Choose the Right DabTech Rig - Everything You Need To Know

As the cannabis industry evolves, new product types and equipment do too. Most recently, concentrates have been the freshest trend amongst consumers seeking to elevate the way they experience cannabis effects. Along with this trend, has come the rise of dabbing and innovative concentrate rigs to get the most out of vaporizing the purest of cannabis goods.

For new dabbers, and cannabis connoisseurs alike - the freshness of ‘dabbing’ has made shopping for the right products and tools, that much more confusing. Not to mention, some models come with a hefty price. So, if you’re an avid or even novice dabber, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to adding a new dab machine to your cannabis collection.

That’s why we’ve put together your ultimate guide to choosing the right DabTech model for you. Keep reading for everything you need to know about dab gear, and which sick dab rigs will work best for your personal taste and use.


Choosing Your DabTech Rig

Dabbing isn’t as simple as rolling up flower, or traveling with a one-hitter. The more intricate yet extraordinary experience, takes a rig for dabs, a banger for the concentrate or oil, a torch or e-nail for heat, and of course, optional accessories, too. To get the most bang for your buck, and best rips you can - understanding each model, and your preferences helps.

So, are you a dabber on the go? A casual dabber? An expert that wants to impress your inner smoke-circle or next sesh? Let’s explore the most common dabbing needs, and the quality dab rigs, or rig, from DabTech that you’ll want the most.

Need versatility?

You’ll want the DabTech Trio

Have you already invested in a glass bong, that’s your closest cannabis companion? Do you also dab-on-the-go and enjoy an occasional cart too? If you’re seeking versatility, with a dab investment that has multiple uses - then our DabTech Trio is for you. The Trio model allows consumers to connect the device to any bong or pipe, works as a nectar collector for quick rips, and serves as a battery for any 510 threaded concentrate cartridge. This enail rig combo is the ultimate 3-in-1 solution for consumers who want the most out of their dabbing routines.

Need travel-ability?

You’ll want the DabTech Elite Pro

There’s nothing worse than being caught in the wild, with no way to dab. Luckily, the DabTech Elite Pro is your portable solution to easily traveling with all the dab rig attachments you need. Equipped with a handy case, Pro XL titanium, quartz, and ceramic nail with just a touch of a button you’ll be on your way to sweet concentrate tokes in less than a minute. At the temperature you prefer, with adjustable heat settings, too. You’ll soon see why this lightweight and compact model is considered one of the best portable dab rigs on the market, today.

Need simplicity?

You’ll want the DabTech Daborizer

Whether you’re being discrete, or don’t need all the bells and whistles to satisfy your dabbing routines - DabTech Daborizer is the simple pocket dab rig you need. With a compact size the size of most hands, it’s our tiniest yet mightiest travel dab rig. While still giving you the option of a ceramic or quartz tip, and the perks of a spill proof water bubbler. The DabTech Daborizer is easy to clean, simple to store in its custom carrying case, and works like a charm for quick, smooth and flavorful hits wherever you may be.


Need the best of the best?

You’ll want the DabTech Duvo

Fully equipped to become your new favorite piece, is our classic standy enail rig combo - the DabTech Duvo. Not to mention, this ‘smart’ model automates your dabbing experience by limiting heating levels in manual or automatic mode when temps get too hot. Ideal for beginners, or advanced dabbers alike, the DabTech Duvo is simple to use while advanced in its features. Including a long battery life with its 3,000 mAh battery, a triple titanium coil for fast heat-ups and cool-downs, and even three customizable atomizers for bigger, puffier clouds. If you’re looking for the most innovative bad dab machine, for travelling, customizing your experience, and the most flavorful and powerful vape production with the best price, then this is the choice for you.

Need a durable staple for home?

You’ll want the DabTech Elite + V2

The Elite + V2 is beloved by dabbing enthusiasts for its compact nature, durable desktop design, indestructible atomizer (backed for 3 years!), the largest 15MM insert in the market, and longest lasting 3000MAH internal battery (up to 40 dabs per charge). Dabbers can further customize their experience with a choice of titanium, ceramic or quartz bowls, and like most of our models - Elite + V2 is lightweight and ideal for travel, too. Altogether, that means the Elite + V2 treats dabbers to big buckets for loading ease, high heat for ultimate vapor production, and USB charging capabilities. While nothing is more classic than black, and white, there’s always that colorful dabber looking to spice up their collection aesthetic. That’s why DabTech offers custom color options for this beloved model, allowing you to further personalize your dabbing experience.

Elevate your dabbing experience

We all know that premium concentrates provide a premium experience at a premium price. So, why stop short by buying anything less than premium for your dab rig? As avid dabbers ourselves, DabTech strives to deliver the most advanced vaporizing technology with cost-effective pricing. Which is why we offer the best dab rigs under $200 you can find on the market today.

So, let’s spread the love of elevated dabs together - join the DabTech family now, and choose which unit is right for you. Still got questions? No worries! Our customer service team is always down to help any fellow dabber improve their dabbing routines.

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