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The Top Tips On How to Choose the Best Dab Rig For You

The Top Tips On How to Choose the Best Dab Rig For You

Let’s be honest - one of the biggest investments you’ll make to level up dabbing routines is a premium dab rig. Especially considering your dab rig setup will be treating you to smooth, top-shelf concentrates you’re investing in as well. Not only will you want a dab rig that works for you, but one that elevates your experience all-around. 

To help, we’ve put together the top tips on just how to choose the best electric dab rig for you. Since electric dabbers are the way of the future and are considered the most elite, innovative and effective overall. So keep reading for factors to consider when you buy a dab rig for an elevated and upgraded dabbing game. 


Tip #1 - Choose an electronic dab rig that suits your dabbing frequency 

Some people dab all day every day, while others delight in dabs only when concentrates go on sale at their favorite dispo. Either way, you should take your dabbing frequency into consideration when choosing the type of electric dabber you’ll need. For instance - if you’re ripping hits throughout the day and traveling with the goods too - you might benefit from a smaller, portable model. If you’re just treating yourself to dabs every once and awhile, you’ll want an electric dab rig setup that delivers deliciously smooth rips, at a more cost-effective price. 

On the same note - if you’re dabbing frequently, choosing an electric dabber with removable batteries for quick swapping and replacement is an added bonus or perk. That way you won’t experience any down time waiting for a charge. With frequency you should also consider how easy the dabber is to clean, and how apt you’ll be to clean it if it’s one that will get clogged more easily than others. 


Tip #2 - Choose an electronic dab rig that suits your lifestyle 

Speaking of portability - consider your everyday lifestyle and the factors that mean most to you when choosing a dab rig that’s right for you. Do you need a mini dab rig that can be thrown in your purse or pocket for a night out? Then a dab vaporizer combo is probably best for you. Are you a homebody and always hosting the crew? Then a sturdy, trustworthy and durable electric dab rig set up is a choice you should consider. Or, if you’re a little of both, maybe a smaller more portable electric dabber with a base for doing both is the best choice. 

More importantly, are you trying to keep your dabbing discrete from roommates, friends or family? Then a micro dab rig that fits in the palm of your hand, and lets you rip and go could be ideal. Lastly, when thinking about ‘lifestyle’ you might want to consider how clumsy or careful you are with glass pieces, too. Does the electric dab rig kit you’re looking to purchase offer replacement parts? Remember, most high end dab rigs should last for quite some time so how you can maintain them should be a forethought. 


Tip #3 - Choose an electronic dab rig that suits your experience 

The best dab rig for you will also take your experience into consideration. For the most part, electric dabbers are recommended for beginner dabbers as you don’t have to consider temperatures, or buy additional supplies like torches, and butane. Which makes the innovative features of some electronic dabs that much more important for new-time dabbers. For instance, some of the best dab rigs allow you to choose your own temperature range with just a simple click of a button. 

Of course, with that said - experienced dabbers or concentrate connoisseurs might want to elevate their dabbing repertoire, and capabilities as much as possible. This means versatile, and unique dab rigs like those with 3 tools in 1 offer adaptability for full-time and frequent dabbers.


Tip #4 - Choose an electronic dab rig that suits your budget 

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll have to consider your budget when choosing the right dab right for you. As dab rigs can range in cost from $50 - $500 and widely vary in quality, too. But as the market grows so do the number of reputable and trusted brands manufacturing high-quality electronic dabs. Outside of that one brand name you’re likely most familiar with. So open your mind and widen your search when seeking out the best electric dab rig for you. You can do so, by exploring the latest and greatest electronic dab models that might just suit your budget better. 


Quality over everything

More so than just unique dab rigs or sick dab’ve gotta have a dab rig that suits your style and desires. As there’s nothing more useless than a dab rig that looks pretty or was expensive AF but doesn’t deliver the dab features or convenience you need. For anyone and everyone who digs their dabs throughout the day - these tips can help you find the dab rig that suits them best. 

These dynamic dabbing differences are also why Dabtech is revolutionizing the world of high-end dab rigs at affordable prices. It’s our mission to deliver dabbers the quality, performance, and convenience they crave with the customer service and dependability they deserve. So shop our premium collection of the best electric dab rigs that won’t break the bank, today. 

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