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Dabtech Trio vs GPen Connect - The Top Differences You Need to Know

Dabtech Trio vs GPen Connect - The Top Differences You Need to Know

When you begin exploring the world of dab vaporizers, one brand tends to come to mind. That being G Pen, and their latest G Pen Connect vaporizer for dabs. But, G Pen isn’t the only brand on the market today dropping quality electronic dab pens. In fact, Dabtech is the up-and-coming and more cost-effective manufacturer of the best vaporizer for dabs - the Dabtech Trio. So, as a consumer of dab vape kits, what do you need to know about the Dabtech Trio vs G Pen Connect? Keep reading to find out all the top differences between the two competing portable dab vaporizers. 


Battery Power 

One of the first specifications you’ll look at when purchasing a dab vaporizer pen - is the battery power that it’s equipped with. That way you’ll know how long, and how powerful the vape pen for dabs will be when it comes to dabbing on the go. While you might think G Pen Connect’s higher status = higher battery power, you’d be wrong. When comparing both Dabtech Trio and G Pen Connect both electronic dab pens have 850 mAh of battery power. That means both provide plenty of battery charge for several sessions - with one at a much better price point than the other - but we’ll get to that later. 

Heating Elements 

The second spec you’ll be interested in when it comes to finding the best dab vaporizer is just how your precious concentrates will heat up. Both the G Pen Connect and the Dabtech Trio use ceramic heating elements for the material’s unique dabbing benefits. Including - 

  • Slow heating for low temp dabs done optimally 
  • Retains heat for longer, using less battery for re-heating 
  • More durable in comparison to quartz and other materials 
  • Provide clean, smooth hits 

Speaking of heat, the Dabtech Trio offers three varying temperatures customizable to any dabbers preference as does the G Pen Connect. Again, demonstrating the similarities between dthe two differing electronic dab pens.

Accessories & Perks 

Both the Dabtech Trio and G Pen Connect serve as multi-faceted and versatile vaporizers for wax, shatter, live resin and other types of concentrates. The main perk being, they have more than one use. With the Dabtech Trio (and G Pen Connect) you can connect it to the joint of any glass-on-glass water piece for e-nail capabilities, use the portable dab vaporizer as a nectar collector with the bonus of water filtration, or connect a 510 concentrate vape cart. Meaning, it delivers 3 dab vaporizer tools in one. 

Accessory wise, the only difference between Dabtech Trio and G Pen Connect is what you’ll choose to carry the dab vaporizer pens with. While the G Pen Connect dab vape kit comes with a hemp carrying case, Dabtech Trio’s comes with a protective box. 

Ease of Use 

When you’re dabbing frequently with a dab vaporizer pen, there’s a few convenience features that can elevate your experience that much more. Like extended draw modes, spill-proof glass and water bubbler, an easy snap magnetic connection and simple cleaning and storage. These perks just happen to describe the features of Dabtech Trio and are similar to that of G Pen Connect. Making the two differing models that much more alike, and both on the high-end of vaporizers for dabs. 


Of course, our fifth and final dab vaporizer difference between Dabtech Trio vs G Pen Connect is the most important of all - price. Until now, almost every feature of both devices have been the same - simple to use, ceramic heating, three heat temperatures, battery power, etc. So, by now you’re probably thinking both models are the same in price. You’d be wrong. The G Pen Connect may be one of the better known portable dab vaporizer but Dabtech Trio is the new kid on the block that comes with a better price. You’ll get all these features (and more) for only $129.99 at Dabtech while the same features cost $179.95 with G Pen. Equally as impressive in usability and vaporizing, there’s no reason to spend more on G Pen when you’re not getting anymore in comparison to the Dabtech Trio. 


The Final Word 

When looking at the true differences between Dabtech Trio vs G Pen Connect, it’s easy to see the biggest variance is price. Both offer the same quality, battery power, heating elements, perks and accessories that any connoisseur of dab vaporizers can get down with. Dabtech’s mission is to deliver top-shelf technology and products more cost-effectively than other brands available on the market today. That way, more concentrate consumers can enjoy the benefits and elevation that electronic dab pens can offer. 

So, if you’re ready to level up your dabbing and vaporizing game - look no further than Dabtech, and take your routines on the go with Dabtech Trio. Shop now, sign up for our e-mail updates or browse our collection of high quality electronic dab pen and dab rigs, now.

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