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Is Weed An Aphrodisiac?

Is Weed An Aphrodisiac?

This Valentine’s Day, we figured we’d tackle a recurring question we’ve seen pop up online, debating whether or not cannabis is an aphrodisiac. While we’d love to just point to the science to give us a clear answer, using our own study, we’ve peeled back some insightful responses from our customers who enjoy an occasional weed break before or after sex.



Have you considered smoking weed or taking an edible with your partner? Diving into taboo with a loved one can always lead to some very exciting and intimate moments, providing experiences that only help the both of you get closer. With this blog, we wanted to clear up some of your questions and provide some insights using both research and anecdotal evidence from our customers, showing how these two elements can complement each other for a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.



Cannabis has always had the stereotype of making you lazy and diminishing your drive, but in today’s world, more and more users are reporting quite the opposite. Now, when it comes to the impact weed has on sexual desire, there has been scientific research pointing to a couple insightful findings. For example, in 2018, CNN reported on studies that explored the connection between cannabis and sexual desire. One study found that individuals who used marijuana on a daily basis had an increase of approximately 20% in sexual activity compared to those who did not use the drug, over the previous four weeks.

The results of a March 2019 study also showed that women who used Cannabis before sex had a higher likelihood of having satisfying orgasms and an increased sex drive. Additionally, women who frequently used marijuana had higher odds of having satisfying orgasms, regardless of whether they used it before sex or not. This suggests that couples who use cannabis before intimacy are better able to connect and concentrate on each other, reducing external worries and distractions.

We also know that marijuana does interact with your brain's neural communication network. THC's chemical structure is similar to the brain chemical Anandamide, which transmits signals between neurons. When THC activates cannabinoid receptors, dopamine is released, a chemical linked to the reward system. The brain areas responsible for sexual function, influenced by the released dopamine, can lead to increased sexual pleasure.



We conducted our own research on the topic by gathering data from DabTech users over time, and analyzed a limited sample of frequent users to determine the impact of cannabis on sexual desire. The questions asked included frequency of use, frequency of intimate activities, perceived effects, and any other related experiences.



The outcome of our study was surprising, with over 85% of participants reporting having used one or more cannabis products prior to a date.

They were very expressive towards an overall improvement in both in-action and post-action experiences after having sex. Our data suggests that users were able to achieve better orgasms, as well as engage in more meaningful romance post cannabis consumption.

For example, one user reported having an amazing sexual experience after smoking weed during a date, characterized by powerful physical and emotional sensations that led to feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment. Several other responses pointed towards an overall body high and exceptional sensations along with the ability to last longer.

To summarize, we outlined our results to four main advantages, based on what we most commonly saw in our responses.

Bonding (Improved overall relationship): Sharing the experience of smoking or eating an edible can create a deeper connection between partners. Users stated that they were more focused on their partner than on their own self-doubts & insecurities. 90% of the responses talked about an overall improvement in relationship health as a result of these experiences.

Relaxation: Smoking can help couples relax by relieving stress & easing anxiety, which can lead to a more positive and intimate experience. Almost all our users participating in the survey mentioned an overall relaxed experience. Consider that most people tend to put their guards up when meeting new people and how weed helps push past that to connect on a deeper level.

Improved Communication: Engaging in this shared experience can lead to enhanced communication opening up new topics you’d never consider touching on before. About 86% of users reported open and honest conversations post cannabis consumption. Imagine all the topics of conversation you’d touch on with your loved one after smoking.

Enhanced Sexual Experiences (Better Orgasms): Cannabis can also have an impact on your overall sexual pleasure. It can lead to a more enjoyable and intimate sexual experience, with heightened sensory responses and much better orgasms. 88% of users answered 'Yes' to our question asking about any noticeable changes in orgasm and sensory experiences.



Considering both the research and anecdotal evidence, it’s safe to say that adding in some weed to your Valentine’s Day plans is worth considering. Spice things up this year with your date or partner, take a dab of love and share the smoke with a kiss like they do in the movies. The goal is to feel relaxed and at ease with your partner, sharing the moment by laughing at some great conversations.

Take advantage of our new Valentine’s Day promotions this month to get you and yours an e-rig you can share dabs with. Let us know about your experience and tag us on social media!



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